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64-212 SIEDLEC,
woj. wielkopolskie
ul. Piaskowa 12
tel. +48 68 384 83 60
fax +48 68 384 80 04


   PSJ spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k. - before Company Przetwórstwo Ryb PIĄTEK Sp. j. in Siedlec was established in 1992 and it is a Family Company. Production started in the same year.
The company’s activity combines rich, many years’ technological and organizational experience with the requirements of the modern facility at the beginning of the 21st century. Every year, the production activity is extended by new assortment and improved.
The machine park is supplemented and modernized and it enables modern and effective production of very high quality parameters.          The Company is specialized in the production of goods without preservatives, which is a confirmation of the high hygienic production standard. The Company cooperates with the market’s leading German Business Partner and with Business Partners from Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
The facility is situated in the territory of the area of 17.215 m² of which 9.000 m² is taken by production buildings closely related to production. Depending on the season, the facility employs from 150 to 260 employees.
Owing to the company’s undertakings in January 2000, it was granted authorization to export fish products to the countries of the EU, USA and Canada. In addition, since 2004 the company has had the certified IFS standard (higher level). Since 2007, additionally, the BRC standard, and in 2009 it was granted the MSC standard.

         The facility is equipped with numerous production halls, including: production hall for pickled herring fillet rolling, production hall for cream products, the pickle production hall, 2 production halls for products in gelatine, production hall for roasted pickles in jars. What is more, the company has many other rooms: freezer room, refrigerating room for raw materials, semi-finished products, ready products, separate warehouses for cooled and non-cooled additives as well as for packages, the physical and chemical laboratory and others.
         The company strives to assure the best quality of its products by compliance with the GMP, GHP principles and strict obedience of the requirements of ACCP HACCP. The company’s employees responsible for the supervision of the HACCP system on an ongoing basis verify the introduced HACCP plans, which assures supervision over all the threats ascertained in the course of production.

         Such procedure enables us to offer safe food to our customers. In our production, we follow the quality policy in which the superior task is to deliver products safe to the health and life of our customers meeting the strict hygiene standards of the obligatory norms and satisfying all the expectations and needs of our customers.

         Our actions are dictated by the care of the customer’s trust in our company and its products. It should be emphasized that the quality policy is known to all our employees and applied by them systematically. In order to assure high quality of our products, the facility conducts a number of trainings and other development actions both, in the area of production and infrastructure.